Akira’s Movie Review: Deadpool 2 (NO SPOILERS)

Deadpool 2 was the funniest movie I’ve watched so far this year.

The movie took advantage of Deadpool’s invincibility to add instantaneous humor in fighting scenes where viewers were didn’t expect. The producers also showed some fearlessness as they added mild racial jokes and gore.

The characters were great in this movie. The movie casted rather unknown X-Men so the producers could freely develop the characters’ personalities to add humor to the story. For example, Colossus is considered the Russian father-figure who seems to completely oppose Deadpool with his pacifist ways, while Negasonic Teenage Warhead (and yes, that is her name) is a sarcastic, uncaring teenager who roasts Deadpool. My favorite character after Deadpool is Dopinder even though he is not an X-Men member. He constantly shows his psychotic side that contradicts his ordinary taxi job. He admires Deadpool’s brutal methods and wants to follow his footsteps.

Obviously, Deadpool was the star of the show. He even admits it himself. He is literally the “director” of the movie. He puts his savagery on full display as he laughs at the deaths of other characters and takes a lighthearted approach in almost every situation. Despite his seemingly uncaring humor, with a major event in his life came weakness. And with weakness came coming of age. Deadpool begins to question his own moral beliefs and develops as a person. No worries though. Despite his growth, his crude humor doesn’t fade.

Conclusively, Deadpool 2 capitalizes on Deadpool’s invincibility to develop scenes full of crude humor and gore. However, as the movie progresses, Deadpool develops into more than just a crude joke producing machine as he comes into contact with many new characters.


Featured image:

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