NFL Draft 2019 Preview: Mock draft, DOs, and DON’T DOs

The 2019 NFL Draft will begin tonight in a few hours. The hype surrounding the draft is crazy, as it is every year. But before the draft starts, I want to give a preview. Here is my mock draft…This mock draft is my GUESS on what each team will do with their first round pick(s), not what I think they should do. Afterwards, I’ll give a few takes on what teams should focus on…For now, here is my mock draft:



Now that you have looked at my mock draft, I also want to give an overview on the DOs and DON’T DOs for some of the big headline teams in the draft.


Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals must draft Kyler Murray. Josh Rosen is clearly not the Cardinals’ guy for the next 10-15 years. Considering the likely tension that has grown between Rosen and the Cardinals franchise due to trade rumors, the team should trade Rosen, even if a second round pick is the best they can get.


New York Giants

I am a Giants fan, so I am super passionate about the Giants’ two picks this year. First off, the Giants must not choose Daniel Jones. Second, the Giants must choose their QB at pick #6, if they are planning on taking a quarterback. Third, they must pick Dwayne Haskins or Drew Lock if they are planning on choosing a QB.

Why, you ask? It’s simple. If the Giants truly want to take Eli Manning’s successor, they MUST take him at #6 because leaving the QB pick until #17 is risky and stupid. If they are truly confident in their decision to take the QB of the future, the Giants should not be worried about the other player they will be drafting in the first round.


Wide Receivers

No team should take a WR at the top half of the first round. Great WRs in the NFL come from a variety of different rounds in the draft, and to waste a top-16 pick on a player whose success in the NFL is so difficult to predict, is plain stupid. Just look at John Ross, Kevin White, and Devante Parker as recent examples of top-half first rounders who have failed to prove themselves in the NFL. This is not to say that great WRs don’t come in the first round. They do. A lot of them do. HOWEVER, plenty of great WRs come in later rounds, so even if talents like D.K. Metcalf, Marquise Brown, and Parris Campbell seem like great picks, the risk is not worthwhile.

Just look at things this way…Some of the best WRs in the game were not drafted in the first round, yet are superstars, including Antonio Brown (195th pick, 2010), Tyreek Hill (165th pick, 2016), and Adam Thielen (Undrafted FA, 2013). Furthermore, wide receivers are not the core pieces of a roster, but rather, skill positions that should be considered after filling up other positions.


The Patriots should seriously consider drafting Daniel Jones. Will they? probably not. I think Brady still has 2+ years in him, but drafting a high-IQ QB like Daniel Jones to learn behind Brady would be a very wise decision.


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