Marvel Cinematic Universe: Ranking the Major Superheroes

This list is my VERY SUBJECTIVE ranking of the major characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who appeared in Avengers: Infinity War. This ranking is based on the characters’ 1) combat power, 2) unique abilities, and 3) personality. While I will try to use these three criterion to rank the MCU characters, compared to my other lists, this one will be much less methodical and more arbitrary. Basically what I am trying to say is, this ranking is subjective. With those comments out of the way, this is my ranking:

18) Hawkeye

This guy is the classic joke of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Honestly, his bow and arrow is pretty dope, but he doesn’t have any special traits. Without many lines, he doesn’t have an established personality either. This guy’s at the bottom.

17) Vision

Vision is supposed to be a VERY POWERFUL character. He is also very smart. However, he looked pretty weak in Avengers 3: Infinity War, and he never really fought in the preceding movies. He had so much potential, but he never showed his outstanding power. He is second-to-last.

16) Falcon

Falcon looks pretty bad-ass with his huge wings and fancy tech. With that being said, he doesn’t have any out-of-this-world abilities, and he got DESTROYED by Ant-man while the former robber was still in training (Ant-Man 1).

15) Black Widow

Even though she may seem useless at times, she’s survived through many battles. She has a keen ability to bring her opponents to close quarter combats where she excels most.

14) War Machine

The War Machine has some big guns and pretty sick gadgets. However, he is basically just an Iron Man ripoff. His suit doesn’t seem to contain the ever-progressing Stark Industries gadgets, and his guns aren’t nearly as effective as Iron Man’s lasers.

13) Rocket

In hindsight, Rocket is just a cute Raccoon, who’s always in search for better weapons and gadgets. But in reality, he is a bad-ass with quite the personality. He hates being called a fox, he has a quick wit, and he’s constantly angry at his opponents. When you look deeper into Rocket’s past of being genetically modified and abused, you notice why he is constantly angry and alone. When you look at his love for Groot and his teammates, you realize how genuine and understandable Rocket is.

12) Winter Soldier

Bucky and his journey to escape his murderous past was very intriguing. But he doesn’t have any specific abilities, other than his calmness and athletic prowess. He is interesting, but he doesn’t beat out many of the other Avengers.

11) Drax

“Why is Gamora.” What an iconic line. On top of being a hilarious and brutally honest guy, Drax is an absolute beast. He may not have a special superhuman ability, but this BUFF dude goes straight at his opponents. His personality is his strongest characteristic.

10) Captain America

Captain America might be one of the leaders of the Avengers, but he’s surely not the strongest of the bunch. His buffed up body and his shield are effective for short range combat, but his combat power is pretty overrated. Still, he’s in the top-10 for his leadership.

9) Groot

Groot’s single “I am Groot” line, along with his constant changes from adult Groot to baby Groot to teenager Groot added a lot to the story lines of both Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and Avengers: Infinity War. He was not the most powerful character, but his ability to stab his opponents with his own limbs was so different yet effective.

8) Spider-Man

Spider-Man movies are classics for good reason. With a strong focus on story-line and character relationships, Spider-Man movies keep moviegoers coming back. Also, Spider-Man is a pretty strong superhero; His web-shooting allows for demobilizing opponents, long-range combat, and web-swinging, and his new Stark Spider-Man suit has all the useful gadgets for combat. Spidey would be higher if not for his lack of body power.

7) Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange was very powerful. And with the Time Stone, he was nearly unstoppable. Unless he somehow cursed it, though, his decision to give the Stone to Thanos was very questionable. Regardless, Dr. Strange was a very powerful wizard. However, he’s not higher on this list because he doesn’t have much of a personality.

6) Ant Man

Ant-Man 1 was one of my favorite Marvel movies. Scott Lang is a pretty funny guy, and his ability to change size is both unique and effective. He wasn’t in Infinity War, but he will probably show up in the next Avengers movie.

5) Black Panther

T’Challa was not nearly as impressive in the Black Panther movie than he was in Captain America: Civil War. He had more passion in Captain America: Civil War. Regardless, with the futuristic Black Panther suit, he is a force to be reckoned with. Black Panther doesn’t have the ability to destroy multiple opponents at once, but at the same time, he himself doesn’t take much damage thanks to his energy absorbing suit.

4) Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is truly underrated. She might be the most energetic and cheery character, but she is one of the strongest Avengers. Her ability to blast rays of energy and her telekinesis makes her a very strong superhero. Not only can she protect herself, but also she can do tons of damage to her opponents.

3) Iron Man

Iron Man is one of my favorite Avengers. Behind is cool facade, he holds humane affinity for the other Avengers and Pepper Pots. Also, he’s a genius, and his Iron Man suit is insanely effective due to its plethora of gadgets and abilities. Iron Man is also one of the main leaders of the Avengers.

2) Hulk

This green demi-human is an absolute beast. Bruce Banner couldn’t turn into Hulk in Avengers 3, but when he does, he is extremely lethal. His superhuman strength alone can cause wide-scale damage to adversaries, rendering Hulk a very potent Avenger. Also, Bruce Banner’s conflict with the Hulk and his constant anger gives him personality.

1) Thor

Thor is easily the strongest Marvel cinematic superhero. Although he has occasionally shown his more villainous side, he has contributed greatly to the Avengers’ success. In Avengers 3: Infinity War, his appearance single-handedly turned the tide in the final battle. His god-status makes him the strongest Marvel hero. He’s a complete badass.

Those were the top major MCU superheroes. I’m super hyped for the next Avengers movie.


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