Akira’s (Super Late) Game Review: Spider-Man PS4

I finished playing Spider-Man PS4 a few weeks ago, and it was a really good game. The best thing about the game was that it really made meĀ FEEL LIKE SPIDER-MAN. Lmao, but seriously though…Let’s start off with the good parts.


Web-swinging and traversal

The most enjoyable aspect of Spider-Man PS4 was swinging around New York City and testing out the different ways to maneuver around. Feeling out the basic physics of web-swinging, figuring out tricks, diving off the Empire State Building, point launching off lamp posts, and wall-running were all really fun. Furthermore, the game actually encourages you to explore its web-swinging, as performing tricks or meeting traversal benchmarks give you XP that can be used to unlock skills that can be used in combat.


The combat was also a very strong part of this game. The general punching and kicking was obviously extremely satisfying, but the most unique part of the game was using the suit powers, gadgets, and skills. Using all the different gadgets to web up or blow away enemies allows you to establish your own combat style. Practicing and improving my combat combos also allowed my to explore the potential that Spider-Man PS4 had.


The large number of unlockable suits was great. The best part of the unlockable suits system was that each suit came with an in-game ability, rendering each “cosmetic” suit actually very useful. The suits were also pretty badass.

Enemy level

Another great part of this game was the evolving enemy AI. As I improved my combat ability and unlocked more suits and gadgets, my opponents became evidently stronger. This might be an obvious facet of any game’s AI, but I just need to emphasize that this game’s combat never got too easy or boring.

John Jonah Jameson

I’m sorry, but I just really liked JJ Jameson’s constant radio commentaries on Spidey. Listening to him try to silence Spider-Man supporters was pretty hilarious.

Spider-Man PS4 is a really good game, but it also had its flaws. Now come the not-so-good parts of the game.



To put things simply, the story was boring. The storyline consisted of the classic Spider-Man cliches like Peter Parker’s relationship with MJ, but not much more. One of the secondary bosses, Mr. Negative, had a pretty intriguing story, but the game introduced it too late to explore it more deeply. Furthermore, Aunt May was not an integral aspect of the story-line until the end. I feel like the game could have done more with the story. Peter Parker’s character didn’t really get tested until the end of the main story, and his nerdy personality didn’t come into play. Considering how important Peter Parker’s quirkiness is, its nonexistence in the game was unfortunate. The abundance of different villains definitely helped the story, but overall, the storyline could have been better.

Boss fights

I have to say it. The boss fights were boring. The boss fights allowed for no creativity and I constantly had to maneuver to the direction the game wanted me to. The game made clear that there was a certain cut scene that had to play out within the battle. Overall, the boss fights were a repetitive mashing of buttons that the game forced me towards.


All in all, Spider-Man PS4 lived up to its hype. The game was extremely enjoyable throughout, and the flaws in its storyline and boss fights are overpowered by the game’s satisfying web-swinging, fun combat, and gadget and skill progression systems.


Final verdict: 92/100

I truly recommend this game.

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